Tuesday, January 02, 2007

getting older

It's a start of a new year and none has laid unto my paths...

What would I become?

Where should i be?

I'm 27 and still searching...

Searching for what i want or whom to be with me. Rather, will there be someone to be with me?? I don't know...

Counting the days of my life is exhausting. I shouldn't be like this. But I always taught to plan ahead.

One thing I'm sure, I'll be a doctor someday. Few more days and I'll be graduating. What's next? Another round of sleepless nights, tremors in front of residents and consultants, liturgy of "sorry doctor, i don't know the answer.." blah... blah...

God will provide.



Blogger AngelMD said...

haha! at least ure updating ur posts now rik! was jaz bloghopping...too toxic with medicine eh, that's why....hehe

keep the faith! continue the fight! whatever happens...no matter what...focus ur mind on jaz one thing...be a doctor! this is wat ure expected to become for now. once this goal is done...everything else will follow.=)

rik, jaz imagine if u hav everything wat uve wished for ryt now...ul feel so damn blessed ayt? but then again, wouldnt be life so boring? u wouldnt be asking for more...u wouldnt be praying for something anymore...u myt even forget to pray. this is the reason why God still has the other puzzle pieces..hehe

god bless and congrats in advance...ull be one of the great doctors that this province ever had...=P

2:12 AM  
Blogger riki said...

doc cel, thanks for dropping by. thanks for some thoughts to ponder. yeah, u're right. i'm at times forget to pray and thank God of the blessings i had. thanks for the reminder. hehehe.

link ta ka sa site ko ha... :)

11:39 PM  

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